Friday, February 25, 2011


I am not certain yet - it has not been fully defined yet, or, at least defined by me for my time period, place, needs, abilities, perspectives, etc. (meaning those may also be relevant to others who may share my time period, place(s), perspectives, etc.). But generally, & simply, speaking - this project is an attempt to discover the fundamental truths about life - & what those mean, and how to live well in this world with that knowledge at hand. So, basically, this blog - this project - New Lokayata Society - is a philosophy project. It's a voyage also, really, we do not yet know the destination.

So what is the question? Perhaps one may be: what is this world, who am I/are we, & how do we live well in this world?

And, as the term lokayata suggests - the starting point - philosophically speaking (or maybe spiritually/religious or religion related life style wise speaking) - is agnosticism (or something close to it - the belief that this world may be it for us, there most likely is no afterlife, gods, reincarnation, etc. - as the ancient Indian Lokayata philosophers may have believed). But a positive agnosticism (in favor of human life & humans living well & accepting that much of life may be good).

More to come soon, no doubt.

- Sujewa


  1. Yes, we know the destination: The Here and Now.
    No afterlife, no Karma.
    Stay healthy so that you can enjoy life many years. And then? Finished.
    So we are free from any fear, what may come after death.

  2. I think fear of death is normal, also sadness associated with the relatively limited time one is alive, the passing of loved ones, etc. But yeah, those things can be accepted as a normal part of life (death, & fear of death) w/ out having to buy into gods, karma, etc.

    - S

  3. Wrinam Kritva ghritam pivet
    javat Jeevan Sukham Jeevet.

    Great initiative!

    Keep it up.


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